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The Pi-Server

  26/09/12 21:59, by , Categories: Uncategorized , Tags: pi, raspbian, server

Let's start with a prediction: The Cloud won't last.

That might be controversial, but having been running my own home server for a couple of years, I think that the future is going to see everyone owning their own "personal cloud" system: probably in the form of a small box you plug in at home, and that stores and runs everything on every device you own, wherever you are.

That means not only your photos, videos and music stored safely on your home network and streamed to your phone, but also all your applications, settings and desktop too. You arrive at work; your phone is wirelessly connected; and the screen flashes up with the desktop as you just left at home. You're on the train; you open you phone to continue watching the same TV programme you were watching on TV last night.

Anyway, that's not the point of this post, which is actually a refresh of my home server setup. Having been playing with my Raspberry Pi for a couple of months, I think it's going to make an excellent replacement for my old Buffalo Linkstation which currently holds together my home network.

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